Go Cashless at DelFest

Go Cashless at DelFest

You will be able to use your festival wristband to purchase food, drinks, merch, and ice at the festival this year!* It’s fast, your data is safe, your payments are secure, and you are free to hit the dance floor with less things in your pockets weighing you down! Your wristband IS your wallet once you register!

* Craft vendors do not have wristband purchase capabilities, so bring your wallet to go shopping in the meadow!

**Cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay also accepted.

How It Works

The system will link your wristband to your credit card and will only pull from funds as you spend. You’ll create an open credit card registration that’s securely associated with your wristband’s RFID unique identifier that will link directly like a debit/credit card for “limitless” spending throughout the event on all of your purchases. Once everything is linked up, you’ll be able to swipe your wristband to purchase your drinks, food and DelFest merch (craft vendors not included).

It’s fast and seamless, so you’ll spend less time waiting in line for drinks/food, and you can take a dip in the river without worrying about your wallet! (Just remember to bring it when shopping at the craft vendors!)

How To Set It Up

To save time, before traveling to DelFest, you can pre-register, and set up your Cashless account, so when you get your wristband on site, it will take even less time to activate. On-site registration is available as well, and takes two minutes.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Billfold Cashless Account and create a secure account quickly via social connect or Email
  • Input your credit card information, and (optionally) create a pin code to finalize your wristband registration
  • You’ll receive an email from Billfold containing a QR code. Once you arrive at the festival, you’ll flash that code at any of our activation stations to associate your cashless account with your wristband. Enjoy the show and the ease of not needing your wallet at all times (except when shopping at the craft vendors).
    Additional Security Reassurance for our Attendees
  • Two Factor Authorization: All attendees have the ability to pin protect their wristbands and purchases upon account registration. In the event your wristband is lost, pin creation will prevent the use of your wristband for any transactions. 
  • Active Wristband Management: The system includes dashboard functionality to search for and block specific wristbands from making purchases. This can be utilized if there is suspicion of fraud or an instance where an attendee has lost their wristband and had not elected to pin protect their purchases.
  • Vaulting: No credit card information is stored locally on the wristband. At no point does the DelFest ever have access to your credit or debit card information.  The wristband merely acts as a link to a cloud based PayPal vault where that information is securely stored, and that link is only activated through our software. If an attendee was to lose their wristband there would be no way to extract any information from the wristband.

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