Each year, several non-profit groups are invited to DelFest to educate people and gain support. While you’re strolling through the music meadow, don’t forget to pay a visit to these wonderful non-profits. Each of these organizations makes positive strides toward addressing compelling social, environmental, and community needs. Your grassroots support is integral to their success: Stop by and learn about the issues they focus on that make our world a nicer place in which to live.

*Prospective non-profits interested in tabling at DelFest: please contact us with your interest and a brief description of your group in early 2015 for next year. We will be extending invitations to non-profits in March and will contact you then. Thanks for your interest in being part of DelFest.

Food Drive

When you’re packing for DelFest don’t forget to grab some non-perishable food items for the Del’s Army Food Drive. Beginning in 2011, Del’s Army has collected more than two and half tons of food at DelFest from their table at the entrance to the Music Meadow. They’ll be open at 2pm Thursday and 10am Friday through Sunday to receive food donations or contributions for the Western Maryland Food Bank. Please join them in doing good works through music at DelFest.

Camp Traction

Camp Traction consists of music fans who choose to experience festivals and shows without the use of drugs or alcohol. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe environment for clean & sober music fans. We are not affiliated with AA, NA, DelFest or any other organized recovery group. We are simply a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying musical events in a clean & sober state. We take no position on drug and/or alcohol use and leave those decisions to the individual. We offer support, strength and hope to those who seek what we share. Our location at DelFest is noted on the festival map.

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