Movement Playshops

Prepare yourself for another glorious day at DelFest by connecting your mind, body and spirit. This year we’ll offer Gentle Flow and Vinyasa Yoga, plus hooping and poi playshops.

Vinyasa Flow

Fri/Sat/Sun 10-11:15am – DelFest Music Hall
(enter opposite end of building than Late Night entrance)

Carla teaches Vinyasa yoga, a style focusing on integrating breath and movement through a steady, fluid sequence of asana (poses). A meditation in motion, Vinyasa yoga cultivates a balance between strength and flexibility, alignment and awareness, effort and ease. Variations of poses will be offered to accommodate everyone. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Carla teaches in Rockville, MD; see

Gentle Flow

Fri/Sat/Sun 11:30am-12:45pm – DelFest Music Hall
(enter opposite end of building than Late Night entrance)

Join Callie to gently stretch and invigorate muscles while learning beneficial breathing and meditation techniques to reduce stress. This is a wonderful class for those who have limited mobility, are pregnant, rebounding from injury or illness, or who simply want to chill out and relax (or maybe recover from a fun night dancing with Del?) Bring what props you have available – mat, blanket, sleeping bag, towels, and/or pillows are all encouraged! Callie teaches in Buckhannon, WV.

Yamni Arts

Fri 10-11am – Potomac Stage
Sat 2-3pm – Kidzone
Sun 11:30am-12:30pm – DelFest Music Hall

Prop Manipulation Playshops – learn to dance with hoops and poi. Adult playshops for hoopers of all skill levels and poi for beginners. We will meet together, learn about the flow state, what it is and how to access it, and then split up into groups to learn beginner hooping, advanced hooping and beginner poi. Saturday’s playshop in the Kidzone is for the young ones – learn how to hoop, do fun tricks and play circle games.

Sacred Geometry

Fri 3:15-3:45pm – Yamni Arts Booth in Music Meadow

Sacred Geometry is the idea that certain geometric shapes have a symbolic, sacred or spiritual meaning behind them. These sacred shapes have been used throughout history in the construction of religious buildings, temples and architecture. It is a fascinating topic that uses geometry to express the interconnectedness of all things from biological cell division, to galaxies, plant growth and spiritual concepts. You will learn what it is, and how to draw the patterns.

Bluegrass Body Pump

Fri & Sat 9am – Potomac Stage

Ron Jones with Fit to Go is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert with 20+ years experience training athletes and people of all abilities. He puts on clinics across the US and is gonna help you get your blood pumping and your day started right. Asking for $10 donation to cover Ron’s travel.


Fire Performances

Yamni Arts (formerly Boomtown Hoops) will light up the night with incendiary performances, taking place in a designated area in the main music meadow. Enjoy the show each night between the final two Grandstand Stage acts. Their performances incorporate a variety of fire and glowing props, such as fire and LED hoops, poi, fans, staff and fingers, plus they will be presenting, for the first time, some new custom fire props!